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“It gets you right down to your soul”: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Live

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Last year was rubbish from start to finish, and given the current alarming state of the international political climate, all signs point to 2017 being even worse. However, rather than falling into a state of despair, I’m trying to cling onto any glimmer of hope, and to savour any positive or special moment (and I’m also trying to get out more because, quite frankly, I’m too young to go full hermit just yet). So it was in that spirit that I went along to the TSB Arena a couple of weeks ago to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live. Continue reading ““It gets you right down to your soul”: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Live”


Long Weekend

Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been losing a little control of my life. The past couple of months have felt strangely bleak. Nothing catastrophic has happened but my life has lacked order and joy: I’ve been stressed and exhausted at work and aimless and out of sorts at home. Continue reading “Long Weekend”

One Year On



Today marks one year since I returned to New Zealand after living abroad. Where on earth has that time gone? Much like the all-too-short two years in London, the past year has flown by.

People have told me that the first year back is the hardest and I couldn’t agree more. In the first year, you’re still missing the place you’ve just left – a place that had begun to feel like home – and you have to attempt to settle back in to your old life, or carve out some kind of new life in the same old surroundings. Continue reading “One Year On”

It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas


It’s been strange adjusting to a summertime festive season after two years of winter Christmases. I find myself missing the Christmas markets, the dazzling Christmas lights and the huge, sumptuously decorated Christmas trees in every public space. Continue reading “It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas”

Blown Away

“Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!”

King Lear, 3.2 1

I HATE windy weather.

I loathe it all. The icy blasts that chill you to your very soul, the dry, blustery winds that slap you across the face and whip your hair into a frenzied mess, the warm winds that leave you scowling and irritable.

And yet I moved to Wellington, which more than owns its reputation as “Windy Wellington”. Smart.

Continue reading “Blown Away”


It was a spectacular day in Wellington today.  The kind of day when you need to head outside, relax, bask in the sunshine and feel its warmth on your skin.

I ate my lunch outside today for the first time in months, daydreaming away while a little sparrow lingered by my side, quietly but eagerly awaiting any morsel or crumb I had to offer. Around me Civic Square buzzed with the chatter and laughter of fellow office workers perched on park benches or lolling around on the grass. The minutes seemed to pass slowly. It was bliss.

20151117_171739 Continue reading “Hope”

Wellington Words

Today I just want to share a few more pictures I recently took of sculptures from the Wellington Writers Walk (following this post that included a quote by Lauris Edmond).  There are 23 sculptures (created by artist Catherine Griffiths) dotted along the waterfront, sitting amongst rocks, on walls, benches and bridges, jutting over the water’s edge, hiding under the pier. Continue reading “Wellington Words”

This Must Be the Place


Returning to New Zealand after living abroad has been a strange and somewhat unsettling experience. After the buzz and bustle of London and the cultural delights of Europe, New Zealand felt small, confining and isolated. From the outset, I felt pangs of a kind of reversed homesickness as I struggled to come to terms with being half a world away from everything I had experienced and enjoyed in the past two years. It was hard not to feel a little stuck at the bottom of the world. Continue reading “This Must Be the Place”

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