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It’s been some time since I last travelled, so I’ve been feeling restless of late, and longing for the next getaway.

I have fond memories of my trip to Paris three years ago. I took this picture on my last evening, after an afternoon of exploring the Left Bank and the Île de la Cité. I didn’t venture into Notre Dame Cathedral, because after a long day on my feet I didn’t much fancy standing around waiting in the long queue. Fortunately, there is much to admire about the stunning exterior of this Gothic masterpiece and I loved this view of it lit up at dusk. The picture captures the magical beauty of Paris, a city that won me over almost instantly and that I didn’t have nearly enough time to fully explore. Continue reading “Wanderlust”




I crave solitude. Whenever life feels a little too hectic or stressful I make an effort carve out some time to myself. Time alone to wander, daydream, to step away from life’s little worries. Continue reading “Solitude”


When I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge theme for the week, I immediately thought of San Francisco. It is such an upbeat, friendly and vibrant city, as these photos show.

One of my chief memories of my trip a few years ago is of how colourful and lively it all was. I didn’t get to explore as much of it as I would have liked, so I long for a return to this amazing city.

These pictures bring a smile to my face and spark many happy memories of the beginning of my first trip abroad. This was my four-day stopover on my way to London, the beginning of a much-awaited and much-needed adventure.

F train in The Castro

Continue reading “Vibrant”



The day I visited Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco a few years ago, the gathering of sea lions lazing on the docks was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but they were still a delight to see. Continue reading “Gathering”



This was taken a few years ago at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia, during a bird flight show. I think I was mostly drawn to the show in the hopes of seeing some owls (and was not disappointed), but all of the featured birds were beautiful. Continue reading “Oops!”



Dusk is my favourite time of day. There’s a certain calm and stillness about that time of day that I really enjoy. I love the gentle transition from day into night and the stunning colours that stretch across the sky just before darkness falls. Continue reading “Transition”



I took this picture of Cutty Sark on a late-December visit to Greenwich last year. The cold was bracing but it was a beautiful day. It was my first time visiting Greenwich and I found it a fascinating place, filled with history.

Cutty Sark is a striking attraction, and is on prominent display near  the river.


Greenwich is a fabulous spot for a day out, as there’s plenty to see, including the National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich Park and The Queen’s House.

I didn’t get time to see it all but enjoyed a walk up to the Royal Observatory (with beautiful views) and a look around the art collection on display in the Queen’s House. I hope to go back someday to explore everything else.





My arrival in London, after many years of longing to go, felt like a personal victory.

Before I made it to London, I dealt with several years of serious illness in  which I was unable to work, study or travel. I spent most of my time at home during those years, and there were two big goals that kept me positive and hopeful for the future. Continue reading “Victory”

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