Drifting This Way and That





I crave solitude. Whenever life feels a little too hectic or stressful I make an effort carve out some time to myself. Time alone to wander, daydream, to step away from life’s little worries. Continue reading “Solitude”


Sunday Solitude

DSC01705Sometimes all I want to do on a Sunday is to stay at home, alone, and revel in many hours of blissful solitude. This is one of those Sundays.

After a week of being surrounded by people, I love to take the time out to recharge and take it easy. It helps me refocus and prepare for the week ahead. I don’t usually just hole up at home; often I enjoy taking a walk to my favourite local cafe to grab lunch or a snack and read, or going to watch a film. Nevertheless, the common thread for my ideal Sundays is solitude. Continue reading “Sunday Solitude”

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