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Endings and Beginnings

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Well, I’ve done it! I’ve made it to the end of NaBloPoMo without missing a single day. For a habitual procrastinator, that’s a nice little achievement.

It’s a relief to finally be at the end of November. It’s been a challenging month but it’s been entirely worth the effort.

Today also marks one year since I first posted on this blog. I would feel more excited about my blogging anniversary if I had actually engaged in a busy year of blogging, rather than letting my blog languish for months until dusting it off properly in November. Nevertheless,  I’m proud of at least successfully completing the challenge I set myself a month ago, and I’m looking forward to blogging regularly from now on. Continue reading “Endings and Beginnings”


Sunday Solitude

DSC01705Sometimes all I want to do on a Sunday is to stay at home, alone, and revel in many hours of blissful solitude. This is one of those Sundays.

After a week of being surrounded by people, I love to take the time out to recharge and take it easy. It helps me refocus and prepare for the week ahead. I don’t usually just hole up at home; often I enjoy taking a walk to my favourite local cafe to grab lunch or a snack and read, or going to watch a film. Nevertheless, the common thread for my ideal Sundays is solitude. Continue reading “Sunday Solitude”


It’s been about nine months since my UK adventure ended, and I’m getting itchy feet again. I spend a great deal of time dreaming about the next adventure and all the places I want to see.

My goal for now is to head back to Europe for about a month next year, to revisit London and to see some of the places I didn’t manage to visit during my two years abroad. Ideally I’d love six months or a year travelling around Europe (and elsewhere) but even a month seems recklessly optimistic given the dire  state of my savings account. Nevertheless, I’m sticking with the hope that by August or September I’ll have enough saved to jet off for my European sojourn. Continue reading “Wanderlust”


I was having a perfectly amiable day until I got home and the worrying set in. I hate when this happens. Everything’s ticking along just fine and I’m feeling reasonably happy, and then from nowhere my brain seems to insist that I’m just too damn calm and that it’s time to worry about ALL the things. Continue reading “Worrywart”


I have a whole bunch of post ideas and  a large number of half-finished drafts to work on, but nothing’s coming together today. I’ve been trying for the last hour to put together a decent post but it’s just not happening.

Some days I just can’t be arsed. This is one of those days.



I took this picture of Cutty Sark on a late-December visit to Greenwich last year. The cold was bracing but it was a beautiful day. It was my first time visiting Greenwich and I found it a fascinating place, filled with history.

Cutty Sark is a striking attraction, and is on prominent display near  the river.


Greenwich is a fabulous spot for a day out, as there’s plenty to see, including the National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich Park and The Queen’s House.

I didn’t get time to see it all but enjoyed a walk up to the Royal Observatory (with beautiful views) and a look around the art collection on display in the Queen’s House. I hope to go back someday to explore everything else.



The Perils of Being a Night Owl


I am an eternal night owl. Early to bed, early to rise is just not for me. No. I prefer the quiet stillness of the wee small hours.  Those are the hours when I’m most alert, most creative, most productive.

The problem is, I am not a freelancer and I do not get to set my own schedule. My nocturnal  nature does not tie in easily with my daily routine. I endure early mornings against my will and consider any bedtime before midnight an early one. Continue reading “The Perils of Being a Night Owl”



I’m not good at Mondays.

Every week it’s a struggle to adjust from the languid pace of the weekend to the defined routine of the working day. My heart sinks when my alarm first goes off on a Monday morning and I drag myself out of bed after far too little sleep.

It’s not the thought of going to work that’s the problem. Mondays are often busy, so the day itself tends to fly by. Continue reading “Mondayitis”

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