Drifting This Way and That





I crave solitude. Whenever life feels a little too hectic or stressful I make an effort carve out some time to myself. Time alone to wander, daydream, to step away from life’s little worries. Continue reading “Solitude”


One Year On



Today marks one year since I returned to New Zealand after living abroad. Where on earth has that time gone? Much like the all-too-short two years in London, the past year has flown by.

People have told me that the first year back is the hardest and I couldn’t agree more. In the first year, you’re still missing the place you’ve just left – a place that had begun to feel like home – and you have to attempt to settle back in to your old life, or carve out some kind of new life in the same old surroundings. Continue reading “One Year On”


I was having a perfectly amiable day until I got home and the worrying set in. I hate when this happens. Everything’s ticking along just fine and I’m feeling reasonably happy, and then from nowhere my brain seems to insist that I’m just too damn calm and that it’s time to worry about ALL the things. Continue reading “Worrywart”

The Perils of Being a Night Owl


I am an eternal night owl. Early to bed, early to rise is just not for me. No. I prefer the quiet stillness of the wee small hours.  Those are the hours when I’m most alert, most creative, most productive.

The problem is, I am not a freelancer and I do not get to set my own schedule. My nocturnal  nature does not tie in easily with my daily routine. I endure early mornings against my will and consider any bedtime before midnight an early one. Continue reading “The Perils of Being a Night Owl”



I’m not good at Mondays.

Every week it’s a struggle to adjust from the languid pace of the weekend to the defined routine of the working day. My heart sinks when my alarm first goes off on a Monday morning and I drag myself out of bed after far too little sleep.

It’s not the thought of going to work that’s the problem. Mondays are often busy, so the day itself tends to fly by. Continue reading “Mondayitis”

Bad Day Cures

We all have them. Days that go wrong from the moment you step out of bed, or days that glide along nicely until some incident, big or small, derails everything and makes you want to hide from the world.

On the crappy, moody, stop-the-planet-I-want-to-get-off days, we all need to turn to the fun, silly and comforting things that can cheer us up and turn the day around again.

Here are a few things that cheer me up when I’m down in the dumps and need a mood boost.

Continue reading “Bad Day Cures”

Stumbling and Mumbling


“You’re so quiet!”

Word of advice: the next time you’re about to say this to a quiet person, don’t. Trust me, every quiet person has heard it a thousand times before. And if you just can’t help yourself, don’t expect more in response than a shrug and a wry smile.

I am by nature a quiet person and no stranger to the bemused stares of more gregarious types. Continue reading “Stumbling and Mumbling”

This Must Be the Place


Returning to New Zealand after living abroad has been a strange and somewhat unsettling experience. After the buzz and bustle of London and the cultural delights of Europe, New Zealand felt small, confining and isolated. From the outset, I felt pangs of a kind of reversed homesickness as I struggled to come to terms with being half a world away from everything I had experienced and enjoyed in the past two years. It was hard not to feel a little stuck at the bottom of the world. Continue reading “This Must Be the Place”

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