Drifting This Way and That



Long Weekend

Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been losing a little control of my life. The┬ápast couple of months have felt strangely bleak. Nothing catastrophic has happened but my life has lacked order and joy: I’ve been stressed and exhausted at work and aimless and out of sorts at home. Continue reading “Long Weekend”


Alan Rickman

It is a cruel twist of fate for the world to lose two great luminaries in one lamentable week. I’d just barely begun to come to terms with David Bowie’s death when I heard the dreadful news that the wonderful Alan Rickman was gone as well. Continue reading “Alan Rickman”

The Joy of Christmas Films

Christmas films are my favourite part of the festive season (apart from all the food, of course). I love them whether they’re dark, heartbreaking, heartwarming, funny, cheesy or ridiculous. Once December arrives, it’s Christmas films all the way until the day itself. Over the years some have become essential viewing and sometimes I discover new favourites that demand to be added to my Christmas viewing schedule. Continue reading “The Joy of Christmas Films”

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