Drifting This Way and That



Turn and Face the Strange

David Bowie was so legendary, so influential and so… otherworldly that I think I assumed he would always be here. It just didn’t seem possible that a man who seemed both timeless and not of this earth, could actually go. A week later, I’m still shocked by his death. Continue reading “Turn and Face the Strange”


Learning How to Share

Show Your Work! Book Cover

I’ve just finished devouring Austin Kleon‘s book “Show Your Work!”, which I was given for my recent birthday, and its encouraging and motivating message couldn’t have come at a better time. Continue reading “Learning How to Share”

Drawn into It


Recently, when I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas, she requested a drawing by me.

This took me by surprise a little because I haven’t drawn anything properly in a very long time. I am rarely without a pen or pencil in hand, so when  I’m not scribbling ideas, I’m usually doodling, but this isn’t really the same thing as drawing as a hobby. Continue reading “Drawn into It”

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