Drifting This Way and That






It’s been some time since I last travelled, so I’ve been feeling restless of late, and longing for the next getaway.

I have fond memories of my trip to Paris three years ago. I took this picture on my last evening, after an afternoon of exploring the Left Bank and the Île de la Cité. I didn’t venture into Notre Dame Cathedral, because after a long day on my feet I didn’t much fancy standing around waiting in the long queue. Fortunately, there is much to admire about the stunning exterior of this Gothic masterpiece and I loved this view of it lit up at dusk. The picture captures the magical beauty of Paris, a city that won me over almost instantly and that I didn’t have nearly enough time to fully explore. Continue reading “Wanderlust”


Sunday Solitude

DSC01705Sometimes all I want to do on a Sunday is to stay at home, alone, and revel in many hours of blissful solitude. This is one of those Sundays.

After a week of being surrounded by people, I love to take the time out to recharge and take it easy. It helps me refocus and prepare for the week ahead. I don’t usually just hole up at home; often I enjoy taking a walk to my favourite local cafe to grab lunch or a snack and read, or going to watch a film. Nevertheless, the common thread for my ideal Sundays is solitude. Continue reading “Sunday Solitude”

Learning How to Share

Show Your Work! Book Cover

I’ve just finished devouring Austin Kleon‘s book “Show Your Work!”, which I was given for my recent birthday, and its encouraging and motivating message couldn’t have come at a better time. Continue reading “Learning How to Share”

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