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Endings and Beginnings

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Well, I’ve done it! I’ve made it to the end of NaBloPoMo without missing a single day. For a habitual procrastinator, that’s a nice little achievement.

It’s a relief to finally be at the end of November. It’s been a challenging month but it’s been entirely worth the effort.

Today also marks one year since I first posted on this blog. I would feel more excited about my blogging anniversary if I had actually engaged in a busy year of blogging, rather than letting my blog languish for months until dusting it off properly in November. Nevertheless, ¬†I’m proud of at least successfully completing the challenge I set myself a month ago, and I’m looking forward to blogging regularly from now on. Continue reading “Endings and Beginnings”


Halfway There


It’s pretty great to already be at the halfway point of NaBloPoMo.

When I began this¬†challenge fifteen days ago, I was determined that I would see it through and never miss a day. I wanted to kick my procrastination and indecision to the kerb and give my blog the attention it had been lacking for months. Continue reading “Halfway There”

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