It’s been some time since I last travelled, so I’ve been feeling restless of late, and longing for the next getaway.

I have fond memories of my trip to Paris three years ago. I took this picture on my last evening, after an afternoon of exploring the Left Bank and the Île de la Cité. I didn’t venture into Notre Dame Cathedral, because after a long day on my feet I didn’t much fancy standing around waiting in the long queue. Fortunately, there is much to admire about the stunning exterior of this Gothic masterpiece and I loved this view of it lit up at dusk. The picture captures the magical beauty of Paris, a city that won me over almost instantly and that I didn’t have nearly enough time to fully explore.


I also enjoyed taking some welcome respite from the crowds in the charming garden tucked away behind the cathedral.


My day wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the famed Shakespeare and Company bookstore, and it didn’t disappoint. I spent a happy hour or so rummaging around and had I had the budget I would have easily walked out with armloads of books.

It’s true what they say about Paris in spring, and I hope for a return visit to see everything I missed the first time.

My  upcoming trip to Melbourne will hopefully somewhat satisfy my wanderlust, but no doubt once I return I’ll be dreaming of the next escape.