I crave solitude. Whenever life feels a little too hectic or stressful I make an effort carve out some time to myself. Time alone to wander, daydream, to step away from life’s little worries.

I took this picture on a ramble around Hampstead Heath during my first spring in London. I hadn’t been in London long, and was staying in a busy hostel in Swiss Cottage. I’m not really cut out for hostel life – large dorm rooms, busy common areas, shared bathrooms. There’s not much privacy or quiet.

When the sun finally came out and broke the bitter cold, snowy spell, I made a beeline for the Heath and enjoyed strolling around the expansive grounds. It was like an escape to the countryside, despite beingĀ surrounded by North London suburbs.


On this visit I found a spot near where this photo was taken and read for hours in the shade. There were people nearby – mothers chatting while their children played, a picnicking family, a group playing frisbee – but it was peaceful and serene. My concerns – finding a home and a job, settling into my new city – were, for a time, forgotten.

Solitude is bliss.