DSC01705Sometimes all I want to do on a Sunday is to stay at home, alone, and revel in many hours of blissful solitude. This is one of those Sundays.

After a week of being surrounded by people, I love to take the time out to recharge and take it easy. It helps me refocus and prepare for the week ahead. I don’t usually just hole up at home; often I enjoy taking a walk to my favourite local cafe to grab lunch or a snack and read, or going to watch a film. Nevertheless, the common thread for my ideal Sundays is solitude.

As much as I enjoy the company of others, I am a classic introvert who needs alone time to recharge.  I get that time in the evenings after work, but Sunday is my favourite day because it is my day to enjoy quality, luxurious leisure time.

It might seem indulgent, indolent even, but I know that I’m doing myself a favour, and that I’ll start the week on a much brighter note for having done it.

Today I’ve stepped away from my keyboard (until now) and spent the day reading. I’m reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain, and find myself nodding in recognition and agreement at the many salient points Cain makes.

I’ve also been catching up on some of my favourite podcasts. I’ve become hooked on podcasts in recent years, finding them in equal turns insightful, engaging, hilarious and relaxing. They are an ideal accompaniment to any commute or walk, though I quickly discovered I could no longer listen to either Wittertainment or Answer Me This in public because the random guffaws of laughter they invoked made me look completely bonkers. Today I’ve been unwinding with recent episodes of This American Life and Fresh Air. There’s something really soothing and comforting about the voices of Ira Glass and Terry Gross (I’ve fallen asleep many times while listening to both shows, and had to replay them the next day to catch all the great stuff I missed) and I simply love the interesting stories and interviews they feature.

The day has felt so slow, even kinda zen, and I really don’t want it to end. I’m looking forward to an equally lazy evening of telly catch ups.

I don’t think I’ve said a single word all day and that feels just fine. It would be strange and hermit-like to do this everyday, but some days, a little bit of solitude is just what I need.