See and if I only could

I’d make a deal with God

And I’d get him to swap our places

By running up that road

By running up that hill

With no problem

       –   Running Up That Hill”, Kate Bush

I’ve had this verse of “Running Up That Hill” stuck in my head all evening.

I’m very prone to earworms, those catchy fragments of songs that stick in your head and play on a loop, again and again and again until you somehow manage to dislodge them.

At least I really like this song, so it’s not as frustrating as getting something like the chorus of “Call Me Maybe” stuck in my head for days at a time.

Nevertheless, whenever I get something stuck in my head it kind of overtakes everything and obstructs all regular thought processes.

It’s not just songs that get stuck in there either. It can be certain quotes from movies or TV shows that replay again and again in my head, and I have to fight the urge to yell it at the next person I see. The most recent one was “vultures, vultures everywhere!” from Casablanca, which popped up from absolutely nowhere and now pops into my mind at the most random times. Not so useful when I’m talking to someone and have to use all willpower to answer a question with a sensible response, rather than muttering “vultures, vultures everywhere” and walking away with a shifty glance.

Even single words get lodged in my brain and refuse to budge. Bulbous. Oscillate. Visceral. Is this even remotely normal or am I a massive weirdo?

One method that can at least be useful in getting rid of a musical earworm is to listen to the whole song. I tried that very thing just now and played the video for “Running Up That Hill” on YouTube. It seemed like it might sort of work… until I remembered that the Alan Partridge Kate Bush medley is a thing, and it’s a thing I’ve always found very funny. So I couldn’t resist watching it.

Still find it as funny as ever. I also got the original song out of my head.

However, thanks to that diversion, I now have the Alan Partridge version of “Running Up That Hill” in my head, complete with the visual of Alan waggling his finger at “no problem”.

And thanks to writing this very post, I’m probably going to hear “vultures, vultures everywhere” on a loop for some time to come.


My mind is a very strange place.