It’s pretty great to already be at the halfway point of NaBloPoMo.

When I began this challenge fifteen days ago, I was determined that I would see it through and never miss a day. I wanted to kick my procrastination and indecision to the kerb and give my blog the attention it had been lacking for months.

It’s been a fun experience so far. I now seem to spend an inordinate amount of time blogging, thinking about blogging and reading other blogs. I’m constantly scribbling down ideas for future posts, and contemplating the direction my blog might take in the coming months.

There are still days when I think I’m too tired to write anything decent, and the thought of getting something to publishing stage is too stressful. But then I realise I just need to get over myself and get the hell on with it.

This whole challenge has certainly confirmed my belief that I work best to concrete deadlines, because I will always strive to meet them and castigate myself if I don’t.

Before NaBloPoMo, I really wanted to have a great blog, but it was aimless, adrift, and practically abandoned. Without firm deadlines in place I would post with depressing infrequency. I would want to get something just right before posting it, thereby giving myself an excuse for all the delays.

During the challenge I’ve been so much more disciplined and found it rather satisfying to press the “Publish” button every damn day without fail.

I definitely won’t be sticking to daily deadlines in the future, because I still firmly believe in quality over quantity, but I like the idea of setting a goal of posting a certain number of times a week.

There’s no turning back now, no slipping back into the naughty habits of old.