I plodded through this past week assuming, with typically misplaced optimism, that this weekend would be a hive of blog writing and planning activity. I would start drafting a number of posts for the week ahead, and finish off the ones I’d already started. I would begin the week feeling relaxed, organised and in control, dammit!

Yeah. So that hasn’t happened.

I’ve been toying with the idea of introducing a weekly feature – initially I wanted to post it on Friday, then when Friday sailed past I decided it would be a Sunday feature instead.

Well, here’s Sunday, and my planned post is not finished yet. So hopefully I’ll have it ready for next week.

I’ve let other distractions get in the way over the past couple of days. Weekends just fly by and are never long enough.

Still, I’ve made it a quarter of the way through NaBloPoMo, and am determined to stick it out. It’s been awesome reading so many posts from other participants throughout the past week, and finding so many great blogs to follow.

For now, I shall attempt to follow Ron Swanson’s sage advice: