Today I just want to share a few more pictures I recently took of sculptures from the Wellington Writers Walk (following this post that included a quote by Lauris Edmond).  There are 23 sculptures (created by artist Catherine Griffiths) dotted along the waterfront, sitting amongst rocks, on walls, benches and bridges, jutting over the water’s edge, hiding under the pier.

Each sculpture features a quote by a New Zealand writer, each reflecting that writer’s views or ties to the city.

I love the typographical style of each sculpture, particularly the concrete plaques.On some, the words are engraved in the slabs of concrete; on others the letters are raised, appearing like pieces of moveable type.

Each sculpture is clever and insightful, and collectively they present a vivid image of a lively, active, wind-blown city. An inspiring and powerful environment that inspires its inhabitants.

Here are three more of my favourites. I’ll let the words speak for themselves.

Patricia Grace. From Cousins, Penguin Books, 1992
Patricia Grace.
From Cousins.
Katherine Mansfield. From 'The Wind Blows' in Bliss and Other Stories.
Katherine Mansfield.
From ‘The Wind Blows’ in Bliss and Other Stories.
Bill Manhire. From 'Milky Way Bar' in Milky Way Bar
Bill Manhire.
From ‘Milky Way Bar’ in Milky Way Bar