If you want to be a writer, you must write.

It sounds so simple and obvious, and it is, but sometimes, just finding the time to sit down and get on with the business of writing feels like the hardest thing of all.

Sure, there’s always time for jotting down random ideas in notebooks or on any available scrap of paper. Idle musings, snippets of overheard conversations, memories: they’re all potential writing fodder. It’s no wonder I’m a hopeless hoarder of post-its and old receipts; I can’t bear to throw out any bit of scribble, in case those senseless fragments one day inspire something marvellous.

But the routine of writing – the daily word count or requisite number of hours, the gear-grinding grunt work – can be tricky to form and adhere to when there is all of the rest of daily life to deal with.It’s often hard to muster the energy and brain power for any kind of decent writing at the end of a long day in an office, plodding along in the daily nine-to-five routine. I can still write, but am seldom satisfied with the output. As a night owl I know my most productive hours, especially for writing, are in the late hours. I frequently find myself tapping away happily at the keyboard at 2 or 3 in the morning on weekends, safe in the knowledge that there’s no early start the next day. On weekdays, however, I have to curb this habit in order to be able to function and make a decent stab at productivity at work.

I dream of one day being able to write full time – to be at home, in my pyjamas (surely the best writing attire!), surrounded by books, my favourite music playing in the background. And to just be left to get on with it. Not for a second do I think that writing becomes easy simply because you have more time for it, but the luxury of all that time and space to spend on something you love, rather than toiling away in a regular job, would be a joy.

I’ve become too good at making excuses for not writing: too tired, too stressed, too busy. I don’t want to do that any more. I want to write. I need to write.

This blogging challenge has already been a struggle, but it feels like the effort is absolutely worth it, because it’s forcing me into the proper habit of daily writing. Writing and publishing content of a decent quality every day is already proving very tricky but I’m determined to persevere. Some of what I write will be okay, some of it will be mediocre, some of it will be terrible.

I don’t have to write masterpieces everyday, I just need to write and write and write.

There will probably never be enough time, I’ll probably always feel too tired, and I’ll probably never feel like I have good enough ideas.

But to hell with it. I’ll keep on going, with no excuses.

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